Nahr El Joz – Spring of Life


Winter is gone and Spring is upon us. Winter had cast a veil of snowy white upon our mountains, and now Spring has breathed life into our rivers and waterfalls. To capitalize on this, we headed towards the north once again, planning to catch sight of the 30km long Nahr el Joz river.

Nahr el Joz or “walnut river” originates from two springs above Tannourine, and flows its way into the sea between Batroun and Hamat.

Getting there

Many routes can be taken to reach Nahr el Joz, so you can opt for the one that you know best. We decided to go towards Batroun, then upwards passing by Ebrin, Kfarhelda, Tannourine el Tahta and Tannourine el Faouqa, then finally come back from the Laqlouq side. So basically, just take the Jounieh highway towards the north, then take the Batroun exit. The drive upwards is easy with the help of the locals and Google maps of course.

Our Journey

As the not so famous saying goes “One cannot engage on a road trip on an empty stomach”. So breakfast was in order. Our now fixed breakfast location whenever we are driving on the Jounieh highway, is Furn Beaino. TRY IT. The Lahm b ajin is our top pick; A great way to launch your journey.

With our bellies as full as our car’s gas tank, we hit the road. First stop was at Kfarhelda in the valley of Bsetine l Ossé. There, we were able to stand right next to the waterfall hitting the banks of Nahr el Joz at an astonishing flow.

We next drove up the river side and past Tannourine el Tahta and stopped by the area of Multaka el Nahrein restaurant. That spot is ideal for walking/hiking and cliff climbing. We spent our time enjoying the fields of white spring flowers, and the endlessly flowing Nahr el Joz river.

As our final stop, we decided to keep driving up towards Tannourine in order to visit the infamous Baatara gorge once again, yet this time taking advantage of the Spring season to witness the waterfall in action. The patches of snow, the majesty of the gorge and the waterfall itself made for an eye pleasing scene.

Our Recommendations

Music is a must on these long drives. Make sure you prepare a playlist of your favorite songs.
The roads are very well paved and maintained. ENJOY your ride!
Explore the area and your surroundings. There is always something beautiful to see, something unexpected!
Happy Roadtripping!