5 Major Reasons to Enjoy Ski in Lebanon

It is no secret that Lebanese people have been feeling pretty down lately. While we cannot ignore what is going on around us and the situation the country is in, we can still take advantage of the wonderful nature and scenery we are privileged to have. To put you in a better mood, here are 5 reasons why you should rent that SUV, go away for the weekend, and hit the slopes:

  1. Once you reach your destination, we guarantee your worries will fly away. Just the change of scenery and atmosphere will make you forget your troubles for a few hours and enjoy life as you should.
  2. Another reason, is to remind ourselves that our country still has a lot to offer. Let your breath be taken away by our beautiful mountains.
  3. Fun and positivity are contagious. These are the vibes you will find on the Lebanese ski slopes.
  4. Our kids also deserve wonderful experiences. Take them away from homeschooling and let them enjoy nature and play!
  5. Our 24/7 road assistance! Leave that on us!

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