How about a Road Trip to Sidon!


Located about 45 kilometers south of Beirut and Lebanon’s southern commercial and governmental center, Saida is a pleasant and laid-back port city.

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Nahr El Joz – Spring of Life


Winter is gone and Spring is upon us. Winter had cast a veil of snowy white upon our mountains, and now Spring has breathed life into our rivers and waterfalls. To capitalize on this, we headed towards the north once again, planning to catch sight of the 30km long Nahr el Joz river.

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Taanayel – A Fascinating Escape

Taanayel can be summarized with these two verses because once you stand there, you will feel compelled to question whether this place is real or not.

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Hamat – Sapphire and Cerulean Water


Perched atop the Theoprosopon cape, Hamat is known for its strange location and uncanny beauty that can be summarized by the contrast of blue, white and green; the deep blue sea, the white rocky cape and the green of the wild trees.

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