Advanced Car Rental Lebanon FAQ


What are the guest requirements for renting a vehicle?

Guests must be at least 23 years old, have a valid driver’s license for a minimum of 1 year, book in their own name, and present their passport/ID, valid driving license, and credit card for the deposit.

What currencies are accepted for payment?

U.S. Dollars or Lebanese Pounds are accepted.

Do I need a security deposit to collect a vehicle?

Yes, you will need to make a security deposit upon receiving your vehicle

What type of driver's license do I need to drive in Lebanon?

An international driving license with the local driving license of the issuing country OR a local driving license from the country of residence in Arabic, English or French are acceptable.

Can anyone besides the reservation applicant drive the car?

Yes, as long as he is added to the agreement. Kindly note that you can add a second driver with no extra fees.

What is the minimum age for renting and driving the car?

The minimum age for renting a car is 23.

How many days in advance can a reservation be made?

The reservation can be made as soon as the guest has an exact itinerary. But it is always recommended to book in advance in order to secure your booking with the best rate.

Can I rent a car in Lebanon without a reservation?

Yes, subject to availability, the car needs 1h45 to be ready for pick up.

Can I cancel my reservation? How? Any cancelation fees?

A reservation can be cancelled for no additional fees, by contacting our office by maximum 24 hours prior to the reservation.

Can I make changes to my reservation? How?

Of course, changes can be done to a reservation by contacting us via email or through our website or by contacting one of our Customer Service Officers (CSO’s) on our hotline number 00961 3 500855.

What is the minimum car rental period for the vehicles?

The minimum rental period is 48 hours.

For how many days can I reserve a car?

The minimum rental period is 48 hours up to 60 days. For periods longer than 60 days you are entitled to enter our Easylease program where you will benefit from substantially reduced rates.

Can I get a non-smoking car?

We can provide you with non-smoking car upon your request.

What happens if I arrive late when picking up the car?

You have to inform us about the delay in picking up the car or the reservation will be considered cancelled if you are more than 2 hours late to your booking time. Rest assured that in case your final flight to Beirut is delayed we will still be waiting for you as our operations department monitors flights and are always informed in case of any delay.

In what conditions are the rented vehicles delivered ?

Our vehicles are delivered clean, sanitized, full in fuel, and are extremely well maintained in order to drive you happy.

Is a roadside assistance service available?

Yes, a 24-hours roadside assistance is provided with immediate replacement in case of accident or breakdown.

What should I do if I damage the car?

You contact directly our 24/7 hotline number to inform us about the damage, accordingly we will provide you with the necessary support and a replacement car if needed, unfortunately you will be responsible for the amount of the deductible.

What should I do in case of accident?

Please contact our hotline number in order to provide you with the necessary support, by sending an insurance expert and a replacement car if needed.

What Should I do if the rented car breaks down?

Please contact our hotline and we will provide you directly with the needed support.

What should I do if I receive a fine ticket?

You can pay it directly at one of our offices.

Are there any restrictions on mileage when using a rental car?

No, we offer unlimited mileage for periods longer than 3 days.

Can my pet ride in the car?

Yes of course.

What items are not included in the rental rates?

Fuel, lost or damaged items in the vehicle, deductible amounts in case of accidents or theft, damage repair cost due to natural disasters or illegal driving, damages or breakdowns caused by negligence or misuse and traffic fines are not included in the rental rates.

What are the required procedures for picking up the car?

It’s simple, make sure to be on time with the needed documents. Our Guest assistant or rental agent will assist you with a big smile, provide you with your rental agreement, handle your payment, brief you about your car, do a visual inspection with you using a checklist and finally wish you a happy drive.

What do I need to bring when picking up the car?

You need to have a valid driving license, Passport and Credit card.

Can I make changes to the reservation when I pick up the car?

Yes of course, however, change in the rental period or car category might affect the daily rate, noting that it will take around 2 hours to change the car category.

If I forget to bring my driver’s license, can I still rent a car as long as I have a proof of reservation?

Your original driving license is mandatory in order to hand over a car.

Can I arrange for the car to be delivered to any address including airport?

Of course, we have a 24/7 service at the airport for no extra fees, and we do have a delivery service all around Lebanon for an additional fee depending on the area.

What do I need to keep in mind when returning the car?

When returning the car, it should be fuel filled.

What should I do if I am unable to return the car with a full tank?

After checking the car, we will calculate the fuel difference to be paid.

Can I return the car to a different rental station?

Yes of course, for no extra fees.

Can I get a refund If I return the car earlier than the scheduled date of return?

Yes, in case the car was returned before the scheduled date, we will refund the remaining balance. Since prices are correlated with the rental period you might pay a difference for early return.

What happens if I return the car late?

In case of late car return exceeding 2 hours, a full day rental fee will be charged.

What are the terms of payment for rental cars?

Full payment must be made in advance upon car collection, and any extension must also be paid in advance.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, payment can be done either by a foreign credit card or a debit card, noting that American Express is not accepted.

Can I pay in cash?

Yes, in USD or in LBP the applicable market rate.

Do the fees vary by season?

Yes, the rate varies depending on the season, demand and availability.

Are cars equipped with a GPS navigation system?

Some cars are, else you can rent a 4G dongle in order to be connected and use your phone maps.

Are cars fitted with a device for connecting to an iPod?

Yes, some also have phone mirroring options.

Can I specify the type and color of the car?

We only book by car category but we can take note a your preference in the booking as it depends on availability on reservation day.

Do you rent out snow tires, ski/snowboard carriers and snow chains?

Yes, we do offer a snow combo or ski combo depending on your need.

Do you rent out infant, toddler, and booster seats?

Yes, our guests of the future can always ride safely in our sanitized wide range of car seats. Make sure you specify the age and weight of your bundle of joy upon reservation in order to ensue the adequate seating option.

Do you provide 4G internet dongles? At what price?

Yes, we make sure you are always connected at the cost of $4 per day with consumption limit of 1GB/day.

Do you have a chauffeur service? At what price?

Yes, we do provide chauffeur service. Our drivers are all bilingual, very well groomed, certified in defensive driving and first aid. The fee for the driver is $40 per day for a 10 consecutive hours shift.

How do you calculate the insurance fees?

All our cars are fully insured, with an excess deductible depending on the car category booked.

Do you have a package for a reduced insurance fee?

Yes, for a further peace of mind the deductible can be reduced to $100 by adding the additional insurance (SCDW) per day, the amount varies depending on the car category and rental period.

What if the car gets lost or stolen?

The driver will be responsible of 15% from the current price of the car in the market.

What is the insurance policy for the rental cars?

The rental car is covered with a full comprehensive insurance policy with CDW deductible applicable per accident, but does not cover war invasion, natural disasters, or driving outside of Lebanon.

What is the traffic fine deposit policy?

Traffic fines will be charged to the guest’s account with an additional handling fee of $10 per violation.

What should I do if I left my personal items in the car?

Please contact our company in order to check them and if found to keep them aside for pick up from one of our branches.

Is it possible to receive my lost item to a location outside Lebanon?

Yes, you have to provide us with a full detailed address in order to ship the item to you.

For how long are the lost items kept and stored?

We keep them stored for 1 year

Where are the car rental stations located In Lebanon?

We have 3 strategically located car rental branches in Beirut Lebanon: Khaldeh (Headquarter): Saida old sea side road – 5 minutes away from the airport. Beirut Downtown (Prime Location): Azarieh Building, facing Saint Georges Cathedral. Gallery Semaan: Beirut, Chiyah, RYMCO premises.

Do you offer long term rentals? What is the maximum rental period? Is this under the form of a lease?

Yes, for periods between 2 months up to 3 years (for the old models) and 5 years (for the new models).

Do you cater for B2B rental?

Yes, surely we do, in fact 60% of our business is B2B we are known for our reliability and high service standards. We are actually the car rental of choice for many multinational companies, NGOS and Diplomatic bodies across Lebanon.