Things we love about Broumana

At Advanced Car Rent, we are in love with our beautiful country. What we love the most about renting out cars is the fact that they will safely take you to explore the beautiful gems Lebanon has to offer. Today, we drive you to Broumana with 5 things we love about this charming town:

  1. The incredible sunset views over the valley! Spot them from anywhere you stand and be amazed.
  2. The old vintage houses. We love how the Lebanese heritage is so well-preserved, don’t you?
  3. The restaurants and coffee places (with the most picture-perfect view from anywhere you sit).
  4. Strolling in the town’s cute streets. So close to Beirut, with nature surrounding you. 
  5. How can we not mention the ‘Knefe’ or ice cream at ‘Chez Nassim’?

We’ve got so much more for your to explore on our IG highlights! Head there for tips on where to eat and how to spend your day in Broumana!