11 incredible spring roundtrips destinations in Lebanon

The winter rains are finally waning and the weekend weather is reaching perfection. This means it's definitely time to venture out of the house, and away from your neighborhood, to explore all the incredible places that Lebanon has to offer.

So, gather your friends, jump in the car and head off to discover some of Lebanon's hidden treasures. Here are some of our suggestions ...

1. Miziara
Featuring some of Lebanon's more unique architecture, this mountain village is situated in the north of Lebanon, southeast of Tripoli. You can walk in the village's well maintained and picturesque streets and grab a local meal. Make sure to catch a glimpse of the iconic airplane house as well!

2. Naqoura
Enjoy Lebanon's southern village, located south of magnificent Tyre. Soak up the spring sun along the coast and if you're brave, take a dive into the crystal blue sea. Don't forget your selfie stick!

3. Qadisha Valley
Calling nature lovers and Instagram aficionados, this is your must-go destination this spring. From breathtaking views to lush greenery, you're guaranteed to clear your mind as you breath in the fresh mountain air. You might even manage to capture perfect selfie ...

4. Rashaya
Although the picturesque village and the beautiful nature is enough to draw anyone's attention, Rashaya is also home to some important Lebanese history. Visit the fort where Bechara El Khoury and the other founders of the first independent Lebanese government were imprisoned, just prior to the fall of the French mandate.

5. Chekka
Whether you want to explore hidden trails, rock climb, cliff dive or just relax by the sea, Chekka is your one stop destination this spring. The water might still be a bit cold, but the clear blue may be too tempting to resist.

6. Taanayel
On the edge of Zahleh in the Bekaa Valley, the Taanayel farm is an ideal place to spend an afternoon walking around the lake, feeding the ducks and eating some true baladi snacks. The baby animals will put a smile on your face as well!

7. Deir Al Qamar
Head into Lebanon's Chouf district and make a stop in Deir Al Qamar. Take in the historic Ottoman architecture and lose yourself amidst the village's winding back streets. Continue down the road another 10 minutes and you can visit the iconic Moussa Castle.

8. Ehden
Take a mind-clearing hike through Ehden's green forest reserve. Afterward, head to the village and visit the town's iconic landmarks before swinging by a local place to grab lunch.

9. Tannourine
Tannourine offers two incredible options to nature lovers. The iconic waterfall is definitely one of Lebanon's must-see nature spots, however, the Tannourine forest reserve also offers excellent hiking and picture perfect locations for all your Snapchat and Instagram needs.

10. Baakline
Grab your argile and head to Baakline for a relaxing weekend afternoon. Bring a picnic lunch to share and spend your day leisurely relaxing by the springs and lakes scattered throughout the area.

11. Baalbek
Sure, its one of Lebanon's most iconic treasures. But when was the last time you actually went there? Or have you ever been? Well, this spring it's time to go again. Boasting some of the most well-preserved Roman ruins in the world, Baalbek radiates positive energy that will make you want to return again and again.