Red is the color of Love.

There is a reason we chose red as our color. The color of love reflects our brand values and mission. What we strive for daily is to keep everyone who works with us happy and satisfied. Whether it is our clients or our employees, the happier they are, the happier we are. Through that philosophy, we also hope to contribute to a better society and attract our ex-pats back to their country.

Our mission is to continuously sustain excellent customer service, exceed our customer expectations through innovations, and drive our customers happy.

We have a clear vision of how we want things to go down the road. Our aim is to become the leading car rental in Lebanon first and later in the region. We will try to attain this vision by maintaining our innovative, cost-efficient, customer-centric, and high-quality service.

We would love to hear from you if you’ve worked with us or are a customer of ours!