Why you should book your car early before Christmas

It’s that time of the year and many people around the world are looking forward to coming home. Whether you’re an expat, a tourist spending a few days in Lebanon, or a local taking some time off to explore our beautiful country during the Christmas holidays, here are 5 reasons why you should hurry up and book your car early!

1- More choices - As we all have the same plans (almost), we have a specific idea about the car we need. Book your car early so that you can debate which one you want and get several options to choose from.

2- Accommodate your needs - If you’re a bigger group, have kids and need to install a car seat, or are simply a couple who prefers a small eco-friendly car, booking early will allow you to choose the perfect car to accommodate your needs.

3 - Get more competitive prices - We all know that booking early comes with a price advantage. The closer you get to the holidays, the higher the cost. So go for it, save on the cost by making your booking earlier!

4- Avoid car shortages - Car rental companies are busy bees during high-peak seasons. Avoid not finding a car close to the holidays and going through the hassle of finding one by booking early.

5- Get your car for the exact time length you need - As people have different needs, they will be booking cars according to their schedules. If you’re planning on spending a week or two in Lebanon, we recommend you book your car early to get it for the whole time you’ll be visiting.

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