The Best Cheap (And Free) Beaches In Lebanon

Everybody loves a day well spent at the beach, and the good news is you don’t really need to break the bank to enjoy your time! Here are our top seven picks for free or cheap beaches from all around Lebanon.


1. Tyre (Sour) Coast

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This is, without a doubt, the most perfect beach in Lebanon. The coast is gorgeous and sandy, the water is perfect and clean, and the administration is extremely friendly and organized. Though it may be a little bit far from Beirut, it is well worth the drive. Head down there on a sunny morning to be met with golden sand and colorful umbrellas, the best part? There is no entrance fee, it’s free! You just pay for what you order drinks/food wise.

Tyre Public Beach
On the coast of Sour

2. Pierre & Friends

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This notorious Batroun spot has become a favorite for most Lebanese people! You can enjoy the music and a gorgeous bar on the rocky shore – all for free entrance. Don’t forget to eat at the restaurant; time it right and you get to enjoy your deliciously fresh seafood with a killer view of the beach at sunset.

Pierre & Friends
Seaside Road
Mob.: +9613352930

3. Ô-Glacée

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This cool sailor’s school and beach bar is located in Batroun, and managed by the Lebanese Yacht Club. You get the benefits of a clean pebble and sand coast, as well as the chance to give your wallet a rest. It is free entrance, just pay as you order! Be sure to try their delicious food, including their fresh caught fish and Lebanese mezza.

Batroun Shore
Tel.: +9616741841

4. Benny Beach


Located in Chekka, in the North of Lebanon, this beach is somewhat of a hidden gem. The entrance fees are extremely low (10,000 LL for adults; 5,000 for children,) and the coast is sandy and gorgeous. It is a terrific place to spend some low-key beach time with your friends and family.

5. White Beach

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As the name suggests, White Beach has a gorgeous white sandy coast. Located in Batroun, this local treasure is clean, relaxed, and doesn’t overcrowd. The entrance fee is low (around 10,000 L.L) and there is a restaurant so you can enjoy a lunch during your day at the beach.

White Beach
Thoum, Batroun
Tel.: +9616742404
Tel.: +9616742505
Mob.: +9613732404

6. Puncho Beach

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Located on the sandy coast of Amchit is this beach with a long, long board walk elevated over the sea. You can perch your chair anywhere and as far out as you'd like, and jump in when things get too hot! Entrance is 15,000 L.L. on weekdays, and 20,000 L.L. on weekends so round up your friends and loved ones and enjoy a long day by the beach.

7. San Stephano Resort


San Stephano Resort is a small beach resort located at the heart of Batroun. With a pool and a beach on site as well as a restaurant, you can enjoy the piercing sunshine from within the waves or while munching on a delicious meal. Entrance to the pool and beach is 20,000 L.L. - however, be aware that there isn't a lifeguard on site yet.

Telephone: 06 740 366