7 Breathtaking Places You Need To Visit In Lebanon

It's old news that Lebanon is a beautiful country, but here's a reminder!


1. Baakline Waterfalls

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Hidden in the Chouf area is a picturesque waterfall that has been known to locals for ages, but only recently has it been rediscovered by tourists. You can take a dip in the crisp blue water while enjoying the serenity of the nature surrounding you. You have to pay a contribution of about 10,000 l.l. per person to get to the waterfalls, but keep in mind this money is put to good use towards preserving the area. Make sure you follow the signs to “Paradise” as that’s what the waterfall has been nicknamed.

2. Sawfar

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This haven of a town is situated in the mountains. Sawfar is home to breath-taking historic mansions, hotels and abandoned buildings that you can explore to get a taste of old Lebanon. Take a walk down the iconic Sawfar Corniche where you will be surrounded by mother nature's beauty. It is no wonder that this romantic setting is nicknamed by some the lover's street!.

3. Anfeh

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Journey up to the North of Lebanon to the coastal town of Anfeh where you can enjoy clear blue water and the idyllic scenery of this tiny town. You can visit old churches or the remains of the historic fort (once considered the greatest in the region), or the haunted old chambers. Nicknamed “the Greece of Lebanon” you’ll feel like you’re a million miles away, but still close to home.

4. Laklouk

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In winter, Laklouk becomes one of ski-enthusiasts' favourite destinations, and in summer it’s just as perfect. You can enjoy hiking on the mountains in groups or with friends, swimming, a BBQ or camping under the moonlight as a tranquil escape from the city.

5. Chouwen

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The pictures say it all. This entire area is so beautiful and magical - from the gorgeous hiking trail amid the trees to the always freezing crystal clear lake. The smell of pine trees and the calmness of the area will remind you why you love this country.

6. Tannourine

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Take a drive to Lebanon’s town of Tannourine where you'll find an incredible cedar reserve, and the famous Balou Balaa. At over 250 metres deep, the natural sinkhole has become one of Lebanon’s most famous attractions. You can go hiking, have a picnic, or go camping - either way, you’ll be in awe at Tannourine’s beauty.

7. Batroun

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With the weather finally beginning to heat up, dive into Batroun’s famous beach and explore the caves between the rocks and the hidden lagoons. Bring nothing but yourself and your swimwear, and prepare to have an unforgettable day in the sea.