Photos That Prove That Lebanon Was Awesome In The 60s


Lebanon of the 60s was really awesome, below 12 photos that proves it!


1. People used to dress up in suits and ballgowns to go clubbing:


2. There was an incredible rock band called ‘The Sea-Ders’

690x300 1

3. Women used to rock a unibrow and give death-glares on their wedding nights:

690x300 2

4. The pool of Phoenicia Hotel was like a scene from Mad Men:

690x300 3

5. Old men used to sit outside of cafes and judge everyone walking by:

690x300 4

6. Young men used to pose with cardboard cutouts, and thought it was amazing:

690x300 5

7. We had greenery, and public transportation:

690x300 6

8. Bartenders were dapper in their suits and bowties:

690x300 7

This photo was taken at the bar of Le Bristol Hotel, Hamra.

9. Smoking arguile on Raouche was done in style:

690x300 8

10. We had awesome, clean, FREE beaches:

690x300 9

11. We had a ROCKET SOCIETY:

690x300 10

Yes, really. They even tried to send Lebanese-made rockets into space.

12. And you could have the best bouillabaisse in town at Lucullus:

690x300 11