You Will Get A Ticket If You Cross A Red Light In Beirut!


A traffic safety and enforcement system is being set-up in Beirut to reduce drivers who cross a red light. The Traffic Management Center is teaming up with SensysGatso Group to set it up.

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7 Art & Culture Events Happening In Beirut


Art, music, dance, theater, and more - here’s an agenda of only a few of the things happening around Beirut:

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There's A New Parking App You're Going To Love


It actually just became available earlier today!

The app is called Parkr, it is free to download on the App Store and will soon be available for Android users as well.

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EXPAT - Les 10 bonnes raisons pour venir au Liban


« Les Italiens sont des Français de bonne humeur », disait Jean Cocteau. Dans le même esprit, on pourrait dire que les Libanais sont des Français chaleureux.

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