Positively Must See Before You Die: Lebanon is 6th

Holy Qadisha Valley Lebanon
In honor of the Huffington Post's 9th birthday today, we're looking at "9 Places You Absolutely, Positively Must See Before You Die."

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Happy Independence Day Lebanon


Celebrating independence day with the Lebanese National anthem!

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40 Interesting Facts about Lebanon

40 facts about Lebanon

1. Lebanon has 18 religious communities.
2. It has 40 daily newspapers.
3. It has 42 universities.
4. It has over 100 banks (that are banks and not branches of a bank).
5. 70% of the students are in private schools.

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CN: Beirut 14th Top City in the World Ahead of San Francisco, Sydney and Chicago

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Though the Middle East's current political climate is volatile (and, admittedly, has been for much of the last three millennia), Beirut remains a popular port of call for seasoned and in-the-know travelers.

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