The importance of Antifreeze!

Engine coolant 1

We’ve said this before and can say it all over again, it is extremely important to make sure your car is running in pristine condition in the winter. Antifreeze, which consists of a mixture of glycol and water, is important to have in your car year round, and is especially important for the winter season.

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Drivers take note: roads are extra slippery after hot weather

Safe Driving in Rainy Days 1

Did you know roads are at their most slippery when wet weather breaks after a long dry spell? Use our safe driving tips below and take extra care on the roads.

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5 Summer Car Care Tips in the Extreme Heat


Lebanon got hit by its recent heat wave, and it couldn’t have come soon enough for this car owner. It was so exhausting to get into my car each day and have it feel like an oven.

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قريباً.. سيارات بدون سائق لانقاذ الارواح


أكد خبير غوغل في مجال الذكاء الاصطناعي ، راي كورزويل، في المؤتمر السنوي للجمعية الاميركية لمهندسي السيارات في ديترويت، أن السيارات بدون سائق هي مستقبل صناعة السيارات.

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