Road Trips in Lebanon are Awesome! Here’s Why


10452 km². This somewhat “tiny” surface of a country we call Home is up for grabs and accessible for us to freely wander in and explore. But most of us are just more comfortable laying on our couches looking at our tiny, now giant, phones while scrolling endless timelines.


Being a guy in my 20’s, you would possibly think that nightlife is “my thing” and I cannot wait till Friday and Saturday nights to go drinking and partying with the gang. But that’s just not “my thing”. For me, a road trip is my personal medium for escaping the city chaos, the poison-filled air, and just enjoying a peaceful day.

You might argue by saying that not everyone shares the same interest, and some people prefer spending a booming, ear-blasting night at some pub rather than driving around nowhere or hiking in some wood. And you’d be correct. However, I will share with you some reasons that i believe would encourage you to engage more in road trips. But first, here are some thoughts to consider:

What do you know about Lebanon other than the shit news you hear and see in the devastating Lebanese media?
What is the last interesting place you visited in Lebanon and told your buds about?
When was the last time that your outing wasn’t at an overpriced pub that just rips you off time and time again?
Know your Lebanon

True, Lebanon is a small country. What is quite surprising however, is how little most of us know about it. How much does your knowledge of Lebanon surpass what you have been taught at school which is mostly about a Roman temple in Baalbek, a Grotto in Jeita and a “Teleferique” in Jounieh that leaves you hanging mid-air at 6 o’clock in the evening? Going on road trips is the ultimate way in discovering the Lebanon that you have not been told about.

Breathe fresh air for once

Almost every city in the world suffers from pollution problems, but Beirut is among the highest polluted cities in the world. That’s another motive for you to seek poison-less air in the country side at least one day in the week. So why not go on a road trip and make your healthy day even more enjoyable.

It’s about the fun

Our most enjoyable moments are the ones we share with our friends. Road trips are all about the good times be it with your best friend(s), or with your soul mate. Take the longest road to your destination, chat and have fun, spend some quality time and enjoy Lebanon’s nature while you’re at it. Speaking from my personal experience I can say that some of the most memorable moments I had were on the bumpiest most remote Lebanese roads.

Spend less. Enjoy more

Open your calculator app and sum up your nightlife expenses for the past month (tip: add the tip as well). YES, “clubbing” is costing you a fortune. YES, you are being ripped off. I will refrain from derailing off topic here, but my point is that you can enjoy your outings more while spending less. There is no minimum charge for strolling in the wetland of Ammiq nor is there a happy hour (with less rip-offs) at Baakleen river.

Do not say that there is nothing interesting to see in Lebanon. This is not accurate. We all love traveling, that’s a given. But for most of us, there are plenty of spots in Lebanon that are still undiscovered, and trust me on this, most of these places will leave you amazed, wondering why no one told you they existed.

Happy Roadtripping!