Laqlouq Road Trip


We have been to Laqlouq during this past summer, but we have decided to see what this village had to offer during the snow season. And thus we came back. Our goal on this trip was to check the white coated mountains and engage in some outdoor activities.

Our journey

So, we reached Laqlouq. Again, I have to emphasize how much I just love the nature of the area. The kind of rocky mountains you see there is truly breathtaking (wish I was some kind of geologist so I could better describe them :( )

We arrived at Shangri la hotel where we had already booked a 1 hour ATV session. The weather was very pleasant, the off-road ATV experience was awesome and the footage from the action cam rocked. We were able to visit the lands surrounding the hotel on our ATV and enjoy the splendid scenery; We drove our 2-seater on muddy roads and inside corridors of trees that lost their leaves due to the tough winter season. It was a great activity to enjoy on a sunny winter day. You can find embedded at the end of this post a YouTube video of some cuts that I put together from our ride from both the driver and passenger’s perspective (p.s. editing was done with movie maker so quality is not quite on par with what was intended. I will learn to use After Effects soon for better results so bear with me please :) ).

After we finished our ride, we wanted to revisit the lake area which we also previously wrote about, but before getting there, we accidentally came across a breathtaking artificial lake with a Lebanese traditional house in the background in addition to trees that garner the scene. As we reached the lakes area, we saw the same landscape as before but this time covered in a beautiful white dress which was an absolutely lovely sight.

In general, Laqlouq is a very appealing village that’s enjoyable all season long. Every season brings with it a special charm.

Happy Roadtripping!