Road Trips in Lebanon are Awesome! Here’s Why


10452 km². This somewhat “tiny” surface of a country we call Home is up for grabs and accessible for us to freely wander in and explore. But most of us are just more comfortable laying on our couches looking at our tiny, now giant, phones while scrolling endless timelines.

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Chouf Cedars – 3000 Years in the Making


Our latest road trip takes us to the Cedars Reserve in the Chouf District, mainly the reserves of Maaser El Chouf and Barouk. Resting high in the Chouf mountain at an altitude exceeding 1500m, awaits you some of the oldest, mightiest and most colossal Cedar trees your eyes will ever lay on in Lebanon.

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Laqlouq Road Trip


We have been to Laqlouq during this past summer, but we have decided to see what this village had to offer during the snow season. And thus we came back. Our goal on this trip was to check the white coated mountains and engage in some outdoor activities.

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Bois de Boulogne – The Pine Woods with French Heritage

bologne wood Lebanon

Bois de Boulogne or as more commonly known Boulonia (بولونيا) is located in the heart of Mount Lebanon more specifically in Ras el Matn. Infamous for its pine tree woods, the village (and its hotel) have their name inspired by the French who compared it to their own Bois de Boulogne.

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