In November 2016, we made our first step towards a “Carbon Free Journey” in collaboration with the USAID -funded – Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI), aiming at neutralizing the CO2 emission of the company’s fleet through a long-term engagement in reforestation, starting in Jbaa by turning a quarried land into a 20-hectares forest, and planting 16,000 native tree seedlings.


The success of this green initiative was documented on the 27th of November when 100 of our employees along with their families participated in planting 1,000 pine seedlings in Jbaa. Every one of them voiced the importance of this initiative and their willingness to be engaged more in similar future activities.

Subsequently, thousands of trees were planted in the reforestation site during the planting season and with the regular monitoring and evaluation of the seedlings’ growth and survival, we proudly announce that THEY ARE DOING WELL! Thanks to the committed technical team from the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, the engaged municipality of Jbaa, the civil society, the local women and men of Jbaa’s community and most importantly to the regular follow-up from LRI to ensure proper implementation of the project.

We aren’t only putting trees back to the ground, we are turning degraded lands into future sustainable forests, creating a safer habitat for wildlife, offsetting CO2 emissions, combating climate change and contributing to a GREENER LEBANON.