Beirut, We’re Bringing You #UberRECYCLE

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It is pretty clear that we have a serious trash problem on our hands – and if it isn’t, not sure where you have been hiding.


In an effort to make Beirut a better place, we partnered up with Live Love Beirut & Advanced Car Rental who will be passing around for a full week in vans to collect on-demand recyclable wastes via Uber for FREE. All material will be handed over to arcenciel who will handle the recycling process.

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BLUE: Plastic (i.e Water bottles, detergents, shampoo bottles, beverages…)

BLACK: Paper (i.e Newspapers, magazines, cardboard, boxes…)

PINK (or a 3rd colour): Metal (i.e Tins, cans, metal caps…)


1- Open your Uber app between 3pm to 8pm from July 29th through August 4th 
2- Select the UberRECYCLE option
3- A van will pass by to collect your bags (Please make sure bags are properly sealed)
4- All pickups are FREE of charge

Don’t wait, start bagging wastes today because we’re coming to your doors as of this Wednesday! Get in touch via or @Uber_beirut with any questions you have.

After this activation, you can deposit wastes directly to arcenciel. For more info please contact their environmental program at 01/495 561 ext 1413.

Don’t hesitate to share pictures on social; You’re doing the right thing! #UberRECYCLE